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Welcome to my online home

Do you know the theory of "Builder's Homes"?
Builder's Homes are not the best on the block, when they have the time they don't have the money and when they have the money they don't have the time!!
Same principal applies to me as a web developer, I use my site as a testing ground for new ideas.. In the interim you can email me or visit my old site, or my old development site:-

David Ryman, UK born-US resident, IT professional, Post Grad diploma in Artificial Intelligence and web programmer in PHP, CSS, XML, Javascript and Ajax.
Also knowledge of SQL, DB2, Infomix, COBOL, RPG II, Basic, DOS, Linux (SuSe).

Always looking for new and exciting projects as a financially rewarding interest. If you want foreign-born talent then here I am.

Focused on: Web 2.0, Online B2B, Ajax, OpenSource.

Architect of miQuotes.com, experience working in Insurance, Banking, Oil Services, Stock Broking, Manufacturing, Bespoke Software, and Education industries.

Platforms used: PCs, networks, IBM minis, and mainframes.

Positions include: Custom PC builder, hardware/software installer, mini commissioner, Operator, Programer, Analyst, Systems Architect, Project coordinator, Project and Team leader, and Technical Director.

Some things I have been working on lately:-
My Serendipity Web Log
Free David Ryman Software Downloads
Online Casino
Dixie County Advocate
Application of Google map API
NFL pool for Kudos

Some things I have finished with:-
My bike for sale
My Land Rover - Sold
Dragon's Lair Bed and Breakfast in Florida
miQuotes - Insurance Quoting system - Sold